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World University Cup 2005 - Villeneuve-Loubet, France
 The 8th University World Cup was held in the beautiful town of Villeneuve-Loubet (right photo), near city of Nice (left) in southern France. Everything was nice in these cities, except the weather - two of the three days that I spent there, it was even raining, not much, but anyway.


 Delegations were distributed in three hotels, I lived in the one that was the closest to the competition venue and the training hall. Say that it was also the best of all of them. Other two were a few km's away and some said that they had problems with transportation. But I liked mine - nice sight to Villeneuve-Loubet (on right).


 As almost always - a "competition food", but at some times I liked that..
 Obviously, the Chinese guys liked the food, and even more the tinny guy on the right - he was ready to attack, by securing his food from other people... :-)

Competition venue

 The competition was held in "Parc des Sports", a sporting complex outside the central parts of Villeneuve-Loubet. On the left hand side the - building from outside and on the right - Tom demonstrating clean&jerk in the warm-up hall, which contained all the necessary facilities.
 Here you can see the competition venue from inside - there everything was very well established - also a big video screen on which were shown athletes in action and also replies of lifts. On the right hand side photo - Xia Liu from China in action, she won the 63 kg category and still is the world record holder..

Training venue

 Logically, the training venue wasn't the same as of the competition - it was only a few hundred meters from my hotel and the competition venue. On the right hand side - my last preparation before upcoming competition.

My "competition out of competition"

 As written in the news, I had to (also to say, I had the opportunity) compete out of competition, and I enjoyed it. And... thanks to everybody, who provided me this nightmare - to arrive in competition and not to find myself in the starting list :-(
 First photo - concentrating for the competition, second one - the presentation...

 Here are two photos of my performance, taken by Robert Bessems who competed in 62 kg category for the Netherlands. Visit also his site www.robertbessems.nl .   
 This was my first big competition with "1 kilo rule" - it was interesting and at the same time very difficult because you could hardly predict how much time is left until your attempt on the platform, in clean & jerk between attempts I had to wait even some 10-15 minutes!   
 Anyway, I am satisfied with my result - 131+161, personal best in 77 kg category and 367,51 Sinclair points, alas it could have been better if I didn't slightly miss 134 in snatch and did 154 in clean & jerk. First lift on 154 was a absolute nightmare - I stood with the bar on my shoulders and then I remember only that I was lying on the platform and wasn't able to move. With help of personal I could leave the platform. But I returned to do it on second attempt and did also 161 kg. In this situation, I impressed also myself. Must say thanks to the public which helped me to come back after the first attempt!


 Here you can see the results of the 77 kg group "A" and three best of group "B", me including. I am very sad that my name had to be deleted afterwards, as I competed out of it, because of some unundestandable actions from my fellow citizens..   
 In my category there were the most competitors of all the categories. Competitors were very unevenly distributed - for example in 48 kg women category only 3, but in the heaviest men category - a ridiciulous number - 2 :-)   
 So I am not sure that all of the competitors are students infactly, not only "on paper"...


Competition advertisements

 Competition advertisements were everywhere around the city, but they didn't work - as some French people said, this is a good place for tourism, but not for sport...


 Such competitions always are a good place to meet old friends and to make new ones. This competition wasn't exception. The oldest of them all was Tom from Belgium; he also was my coach in this competition. He is not so serious as he looks like, but anyway, he did a great job, by helping me as before competition (by fighting for the allowance to compete) and also in the competition. Thank you Tom!

On the left hand side - Vincent, I would call him the best of the organizing team, alas everybody there did a great job! On the right hand side photo - Dutch speaking girls Ingrid and Sarah.

Some other competitors

 On the left hand side - Oksana Mihailova from Latvia, who had the opportunity "to compete in the competition", but sadly enough she had to be contend with second place from the end. On the other photo - Xiangrong Yang of China, the winner of my - 77 kg category.
 Alexandra (1st in 58 kg) and Dominika (3rd in snatch in 63 kg) in action...


 Didn't see much of Villeneuve-Loubet, as I was there only for one full day and two half-days, and the weather wasn't such as I had imagined before leaving Rīga...

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